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Christopher Duquette from NYC

Author of the best-selling books HOMO GOGO MAN, DRxug of Choice: Pick Your Poison, Off Balance in the Spin Cycle sponsored by publisher DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.'s through their 2nd Spirit Books who performs book production and publishing services.

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Christopher Duquette’s Latest Releases

"Off Balance in the Spin Cycle" is Christopher Duquette's latest title . . . available in time for holiday gift-giving.

I’m a sucker for any LGBT memoir from this time period. Music truly is the soundtrack to one’s life and it’s captured so brilliantly in this book.

Anonymous AMAZON Reader


This book beautifully and tragically chronicles the halcyon days of New York's dance club culture and the rise and fall of one of its truly glamorous devotees. Its a must read to understand the difficulties and wounds of growing up as a gay man in the 1970's and 80's and the brutal addiction that can sometimes flower from that damage


I got goosebumps reading parts of this book. I will leave it at that. I started at Xenons in 1983 at 13 years old fake ID ball blah blah.

Besides the destruction that era was AMAZING and even in sickness or death I wouldn't trade it for what we have now.

I know many stories like yours. Glad you survived. Congrats on the book !